Injunction – Golf Course Bulletin 07-24-14

07-24-14 Bulletin Regarding one of Ross Gilson's Lawsuits

A notice was broadcast recently in the village by Jack's CVEobserver <>: -- Subject: Injunction - Notice of Individual Joinder -Golf Course. Jack is spreading the word for Mr. Ross Gilson, a unit owner with many lawsuits against Master Management, wanting us to all sign with his attorney that we all agree and support him in his suit against Master Management in order to, and I quote: " enjoin it (Master Management) from engaging in ultra vires acts including, but not limited to, actions regarding the purchase of the golf course, or any other expenditure not specifically authorized by its charter and other governing documents."

Master Management's rights, responsibilities and capabilities are very clearly spelled out in the Master Management Agreement we all signed on to when we bought in CVE. (See your documents or find it at Page one specifically states: WHEREAS, the Master Management Firm proposes to procure or provide said COMMUNITY SERVICES and FACILITIES for the benefit of OWNER and all residents of the condominium development known as CENTURY VILLAGE EAST, Deerfield Beach, Florida, and to provide for the management, maintenance and operation thereof. Regarding the ultra virus allegations, everything that Master Management does is in conformance with its governing documents and Fl law and specifically is only done after the Board of Directors is fully informed, fully vets any issues and consults with legal counsel so as to ensure it makes informed, appropriate and best decisions for the benefit of all the owners of CVE.

We are trying very hard to procure the golf course property because the vast majority of you voted for us to do so in order to secure the village borders, prevent unit values being in jeopardy by threats of development and keep this beautiful, green open space protected and maintained for all our residents to enjoy in the coming years. We are under a Purchase & Sale Agreement currently and are working hard to meet our owners wishes in as reasonable and prudent manner as possible.

Mr. Gilson continues to force Master Management to spend huge amounts of all our money to defend against all his lawsuits rather than use all that money to try to own the land running throughout our village. If someone else buys this land, we will have no control over what they will do with it. The Notice of Joinder says it won't cost you anything. Please know, Mr. Gilson's lawsuits are already costing all of us plenty. We all know, including Mr. Gilson, the court already ruled last year AGAINST a group of previous Board members when they sued to try to stop us from purchasing the golf course. Mr. Gilson keeps on suing anyway, spending all our money regardless and now wants you to sign up to support his effort when one court already ruled in our favor on exactly the same issue. We are already paying for Mr. Gilson's lawsuits and he wants us to just keep paying more.

Please read the first two pages of the Master Management Agreement to see all that Master Management does and can do. Then consider what CVE would be like if there was no Master Management (no transportation, no irrigation, no cable, no security, no sanitation, no roadway repair and on and on). Our Board trusts you and knows you are smart enough to see through all this. We are so thankful for your letters and emails to encouraging us to keep moving forward. We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

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Shuffleboard Courts Closing on Thursday, July 17th
Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2014 @ 07:58:49 CDT (11 reads)

 The shuffleboard courts at the Clubhouse will be closing on Thursday, July 17th until further notice for installation of new scoreboards.

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Revalidation of IDS - Ellesmere, Farnham & Grantham
Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 @ 09:39:45 CDT (13 reads)

Mandatory Revalidation of Club House ID’s:

Ellesmere, Farnham & Grantham are scheduled for Mandatory Revalidation of Clubhouse ID’s from Monday, August 4th through Thursday, August 7th.  Friday, August 8th is a makeup day! You can obtain your ID’s in the ID Office. 

Cost of Revalidation: $10.00 – Without old ID
                                     $ 5.00 – When old ID is Returned

Please call the ID Office with any questions at 954-428-6892 Option 3.

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Westbury Pool Closing on July 17th
Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014 @ 15:36:53 CDT (15 reads)

The Westbury pool will be closing on Thursday, July 17th until further notice, due to irrigation installation.

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2nd Annual Resident Appreciation Pool Party
Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014 @ 12:01:25 CDT (12 reads)

Come join our friendly Bay Management Staff for our 2ndAnnual Resident Appreciation Pool Party on Friday, September 12th at11:00am at the Clubhouse Outdoor Pool Deck.  Purchase your tickets in theStaff Office for only $5.00. Tasty Hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips,desserts, and drinks.  Cut a rug with the live entertainment.

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Clubhouse Outdoor Pool Is Now Open
Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2014 @ 11:42:42 CDT (18 reads)
Events All activities have resumed such as the Sunday Pool Party and Aqua Classes.
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