2013 & 2014 Audited Financial Statements for MM

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Water Chlorination Notice Augst 24th - September 17, 2015


As part of our efforts to ensure that the drinking water we supply is the highest quality possible, the City of Deerfield Beach Environmental Services Department will temporarily begin free chlorination treatment of the water distribution system on August 24th, for about three weeks, through September 17th.

This switch to free chlorination treatment is a common practice for water systems using chloramines as disinfectant. During the free chlorination, residents may notice a slight change in taste, odor and color of the tap water. The water will remain safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and any other household use. During this period our Utility crews will flush fire hydrants throughout the City. This may cause temporarily water discoloration in the respective area. If this happens, please run the water at your faucets until the water clears.

Residents undergoing dialysis or have a compromised immune system and are currently undergoing treatment should seek advice from their primary physician in order to determine if their treatment needs to be changed during this free chlorination period. Also, grocery stores, pet stores, bait stores, restaurants and residents who have aquariums and fish and/or lobster tanks that use city water must adjust the chlorine treatment procedure during the free chlorination period.

Should you need further information on this change in the water treatment process, please call the Water Plant at 954-480-4370.

Tree Canopy Project Update

Master Management
Tree Canopy Project Update
July 17, 2015

Master Management is excited to announce that we are more than halfway through planting 431 new trees in the community including such species as: Gumbo Limbo, Southern Live Oak, Green Buttonwood, Bald Cypress, and Mahogany’s among a few others. You’ll notice that each tree has a bag attached to it, which is referred to as a “Gator Bag”. The bag is filled with water daily by our vendor and provides constant water to the trees.

This project was designed with the idea of providing shade on the walkway along Century Blvd. The trees will take some time to grow to the maturity needed to provide shade, however in the meantime we hope you will enjoy watching them grow.

Click here to view pictures of some of the recent plantings.

Kelly O'Meara Hampton
Executive Director

Update to Bus Policy

Our Buses are ALL Equipped with ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Lifts!

These lifts are available for YOUR use, even if you are not using a wheelchair, and are equipped with handrails.

The bottom step of our buses is approximately 13” from ground-level. This is about twice the height of a standard curb.

If you use an assistive device to walk (e.g. cane or walker) or are not confident you can safely negotiate our bus stairs, PLEASE ADVISE THE DRIVER AND HE/SHE WILL DEPLOY THE WHEELCHAIR LIFT SO YOU MAY ENTER AND EXIT OUR BUSES SAFELY!

Kelly O'Meara Hampton
Executive Director
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.

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Upcoming Storm - Erika
Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015 @ 15:37:07 CDT (2 reads)

In case of severe weather due to Tropical Storm Erika, the Clubhouse may close for the well-being of the residents and employees.

If you are planning on coming to the Clubhouse and the weather is questionable, please call 954-428-6892.  An automated message will immediately begin letting you know that we are closed.

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3rd Annual Resident Appreciation Pool Party
Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2015 @ 15:51:07 CDT (21 reads)

On Friday, September 18th 2015, the 3rd Annual Resident Appreciation Pool Party will be held at the Clubhouse (outdoor pool) starting at 11:00am.  You can purchase your ticket(s) at the Staff Office for $5.00 (cash only).   

On the menu:

Tasty hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips, desserts, and drinks.

Live Entertainment.

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