08-26-14 CVEMM BULLETIN - Misleading Rumors and Letters

There have been many misleading rumors, emails and anonymous letters going around the village using false facts and accusations which hope to disrupt and discredit the work of Master Management. These are sent by people who do not know the facts and are indifferent to the bulletins sent out by CVEMM. To clarify and summarize for the community, here are the facts related to these accusations to date.

  1. Financials: Master Management is a Not For Profit corporation. Our documents (posted on CVEDB.com) and FL Statute 617 guide us. CVEMM and its Board is obligated to abide by these documents to the best of our ability. Our budget is posted in the Reporter annually. Please read Florida Statue 617.1602 for what records you are entitled to inspect. This information is also posted in our office foyer. As for taxes, as a NOT FOR PROFIT corporation we pay very little in taxes and this would apply if we own land we do not derive any commercial income from.
  2. Services CVEMM provides: All services CVEMM is required and allowed to provide are stated in the Master Management Agreement which every unit owner agreed to uphold at time of purchase. Nothing has changed.
  3. Golf Course Property Acquisition. Before attempting to purchase the property, MM held the first-ever community-wide vote to ascertain whether our members wanted us to attempt to do so, with the provision that the coupon costs for the acquisition (principal & interest) would not exceed $10 per month. There was overwhelming support (79% Yes) that CVEMM should do so. If we counted those who did not vote at all as YES votes, the final vote would be 83% in favor. Some of the major reasons for acquiring this property are to protect and secure our borders, to preserve in perpetuity this approx. 80-acre green-space for our community’s use, and to prevent future commercial development, such as occurred following zoning changes to the former golf course at Century Village West Palm Beach. There has been some conjecture that we are spending $10 million on the purchase. For a $5.5 mil loan spread over 10 years to cost over $10 mil, the bank would have to be charging about 15% interest. Most banks are currently charging around 5% interest. Nothing has changed in the $10 per month provisiondescribed above. When we have exact interest rate numbers and length of loan, we will let everyone know.
  4. Deerfield Beach Land Use Ordinance: Under the current ordinance/law, if a developer comes in wanting to build a shopping plaza or 500 condos on this land, our Commissioners can vote to change land use designation at any time for any reason.
  5. Legal Issues: CVEMM Corporate Council reported in our August meeting on the status of eight current litigation issues ( see video on cvedb.com) half of which involve Ross Gilson. To date Mr. Gilson, and the Ventnor B Association, for which he is the corporate secretary, have made numerous legal attempts seeking legal redress against CVEMM and to have a court rule that CVEMM either lacks the corporate power and authority it has been exercising for the last three and a half decades, or that ANY of its actions, performed through its duly elected officers and directors, in the sunshine, have been improper or inappropriate. All these attempts have been Judicially dismissed. In fact, in one case the courts have entered an order granting a money judgment in favor of CVEMM and against Mr Gilson for losing the case. The one lawsuit identified in an email attachment and letter enclosure solicitation from the law firm for Mr. Gilson, asking you to sign up your support, has already had a judicial determination in favor of CVEMM and has been dismissed.
  6. Voting Rights: The democratic voting systems in place within CVE for the 253 separate Florida Non-Profit Organizations ,for the election of their own corporate officers and directors, who in turn vote and elect in the COOCVE and CVEMM officers and representatives, represents the will of the overwhelming majority of the people and their self determination. Most COOCVE Directors, have proven themselves to be very capable of understanding and independently dealing with some very difficult issues when presented with valid facts and given the opportunity to discuss and debate. COOCVE provides this forum for us.

Any solicitation from the law firm for Ross Gilson asking for your support on actions against CVEMM or COOCVE may indicate you may not be asked to pay Mr. Gilson's attorney. Please remember, we all pay the legal costs to defend against them.

Please email Customer Service @CVEDB.com and let us know how you feel about these or other issues and if the feedback we are supplying is helpful. We would greatly appreciate it.

Donna Capobianco, President
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.

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Posted on Friday, August 29, 2014 @ 14:45:55 CDT (1 reads)

The theatre will remain closed until further notice. The movies will continue to be shown in the GP-A.

If you have any questions, please call the Staff Office at 954-428-6892 Ext. 2

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Posted on Thursday, August 28, 2014 @ 13:07:27 CDT (3 reads)

Open Revalidation - Starting Monday, September 8th thru Monday, December 1st

If your missed your building date it is not too late, please come to the ID Office and get your new ID before the rush. 

The cost of Revalidation:  $10.00 Without Old ID; $5.00 – When the Old ID is returned.

If you have any questions, please call the ID Office at 954-428-6892–option 3.

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Revalidation - Tilford, Upminster, Ventnor & Westbury
Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 @ 09:13:02 CDT (3 reads)

Tilford A thru X
ster A thru M
Ventnor A thru S
Westbury A & L

The above buildings are scheduled for Mandatory Revalidation of Clubhouse ID’s from Tuesday, September 2nd through September 4th.

Friday, September 5th is make-up day. You can obtain your ID’s in the ID Office.
               Cost of Revalidation: $10.00 – Without old ID
                                                 $ 5.00 – When old ID is returned

Please call the ID Office with any questions at 954-428-6892 – option 3.

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Oakridge, Prescott, Richmond & Swansea Revalidation
Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 08:32:37 CDT (15 reads)

Mandatory Revalidation of Club House ID’s:

Oakridge A thru J
Prescott A thru O 
Richmond A thru F
Swansea A & B

The above buildings are scheduled for Mandatory Revalidation of Clubhouse ID’s from Monday, August 25th through Thursday August 28th.

Friday, August 29th is make-up day. You can obtain your ID’s in the ID Office.
Cost of Revalidation: $10.00 – Without old ID
$ 5.00 – When old ID is returned

Please call the ID Office with any questions at 954-428-6892 – option 3.

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Clubhouse Tennis Courts Opening - Thursday, Aug. 21st
Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 @ 11:03:54 CDT (8 reads)

I am so very happy to announce that on Thursday, August 21, 2014 (tomorrow) we will be opening the CLUBHOUSE TENNIS COURTS for play!

The courts are absolutely beautiful so come on in to the staff office make your reservation and enjoy your new courts. You will notice the game will be slower for now, that is normal until we get the sand packed in really good. The best way to get the sand packed is for everyone to play and some good down pours of heavy rain. Those two combinations will pack our sand for us, so when the contractor comes back in about 6 weeks to check to make sure the courts are still level he will only need a day or maybe 2 for any additional items that we might need  to be done.

If you work and can’t get to the courts until right at dark don’t worry, we have installed beautiful lights on your Clubhouse Courts with a timer for night play.  Come and play until 10pm.

So come on out and see your new beautiful tennis courts!

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